How will autonomy and connected vehicle technologies change the way we interact with our vehicles?
One of the challenges of semi-autonomous driving is the amount of visual and functional space taken by a constantly moving, rotating steering wheel. Traditional steering wheels take valuable real estate away from touchscreens, HVAC and other input-output points while contributing to a sense of visual confinement. Another significant challenge is safely managing the transitions between autonomous and manual driving modes.
Steering 2.0 is designed on the assumption that steer-by-wire and smart driver-assist technologies will eliminate the need for 360 degree rotation. Combining the form factor of a game controller and a tablet, valuable interior space is freed up for other activities in autonomous mode. It remains in a static position during autonomy, and the simple act of grabbing it instantly gives control back to the driver. All vehicle functions are controlled through the touchscreen, and all vehicle information is projected on the windscreen. Passengers can access the vehicle climate and infotainment on their personal device. 
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