I was recently invited by Car & Driver to sketch what a modern Delorean might look like had they succeeded as a company. Check out the August issue!
DeLorean’s unique body construction, powertrain configuration and innovative use of materials were all part of an attempt to re-think everything about making cars, from the ground up. If DeLorean existed today, I believe it would most likely be electric, high tech and connected, and its proportions would have evolved alongside today’s modern supercars.
For the future DeLorean, I took inspiration not only from the original DMC-12, but from many other cars of the period designed by Giugiaro, Bertone, and Pininfarina. The Maserati Bora comes to mind, because it shares many of the same traits but is a much more visceral, emotional statement. The future DMC retains its overall wedge shape and impossibly low, wide stance. Gullwing doors are a must!
Successful automotive brands today have a distinctive signature appearance in the front and rear lighting. For this I took a bit if inspiration from Back To The Future…The Flux Capacitor!
I also took the opportunity to build it in Speedform and do so photorealistic renders in VRED..
What DeLorean would be complete without the optional hover conversion!
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