Developed as part of a demonstration on the power of polygon modeling. Inspired by one of my first production cars, XF20 is an attempt to develop a next generation design, built upon 20 years of experience and using the latest design tools. XF20 builds upon the classic rear drive GT proportion, with a long hood and cabin pushed far to the rear. The removable top enables coupe and roadster configurations. The classic, Art Deco inspired boat tail rear end incorporates a fixed aero trailing edge and integrated roll structure behind the seats.
XF20 builds upon its predecessor's signature crossing body side surfaces in a much more seductive, sculptural way. Every attempt has made to simplify and combine lines and surfaces to lead the eye throughout the vehicle.
Beginning with a quick thumbnail sketch, XF20 was developed directly in 3D using Autodesk Speedform and rendered in Keyshot. Speedform and other polygon modeling tools are transforming the automotive design process, enabling rapid iteration.
Scroll down to see a time-lapse video of XF20 as it was developed in Speedform.
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