Concept for a Level 3, semi-autonomous vehicle interior. This design explores the use of space when manual driving is no longer required for significant lengths of time. The instrument panel is positioned further forward, with a coast-to-coast display screen and retractable steering device. Thanks to drive-by-wire, 360 degree steering rotation is no longer necessary and a circular shape is no longer needed. A laminated wood table top provides versatile space for driver and passenger to engage in other activities, and provides a living room ambience.
This demo was developed as part of my CCS MFA Viscom course to demonstrate the power of using various digital tools to achieve great results quickly. Starting with a quick iPad sketch, I developed the design directly in 3D using Maya. After assigning materials and rendering in VRED, I added some final finishing details in Photoshop. Total design time, 8-10 hours.
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