As a demonstration of my Class A digital modeling skills in Autodesk Alias, I took it upon myself to deliver an accurate and highly refined recreation of a known production vehicle. I chose Tesla Model 3 because of its great proportions, sculptural surfacing and a good balance of sharp edges and soft blends. Model 3 is a contemporary yet broadly appealing design, and it shares its surface language with many other mainstream brands. This model is work-in-progress, and as I hone my Alias surfacing skills I plan to revisit several areas on the vehicle to improve highlight control.
Scroll down to see the modeling process, including a video clip of a complete model spin.
Also, click below to download the file to evaluate in more depth.
Click below to view a complete model spin.

Class A CAS Model: Click to Watch Video

I started with a live trace of a real Tesla in augmented reality, using Gravity Sketch on a Meta Quest 3 VR headset. I was able to capture all of the key lines, along with the main surface globals. From there I build an accurate Sub-D surface model in Gravity Sketch. From there I exported the model to Alias, using it as the foundation for a full Class A NURBS model.
Scroll down to check out some videos of the modeling process! 
Watch the videos below for more about how I use augmented reality in my modeling process! 
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